Connecting to test VPN

I have ES450 with a vodfone sim card… Trying to connect to Default Sierra test VPN1

Status just says not connected.

Does the Sim have to have a static IP ?

Any other reason why I can’t connect ?


Did you enter the apn settings for the vodfone? What country are you in? Different countries will have a different apn setting.
Once you got the correct apn entered, reboot the ES450, and see if establishes a connection, turn off the vpn for now.
Once you got a connection on the vodafone network, turn on the vpn connection. It should work.
The sim doesn’t need a static ip for the vpn, or regular connection. But, if you want to connect to the device over the internet then yes you’ll need a static ip.

You do not need to have a Static IP to connect to OpenVPN. That I can assure you. If you are using some other VPN (IPSec, etc.) ignore this.

This is the info they gave me about connecting to their test VPN …

Note that in there they give the IP as where you have 21 instead of 12.

Once you get connected, try to curl

Good luck! Check your tun-mtu, fragment, and mssfix! They matter.