ES450 Modem to Modem VPN

Hi all,

Is the ES450 Capable of creating a Modem to Modem VPN ?



Hi Ray,
It does work, but not supported. You can use it for testing purposes, but wouldn’t recommend for implementation.


Thx for the reply Jay,

any idea about the following ?


I have a laptop1 connected to an ES450 GSM Modem using a Vodafone Sim.
I have another laptop2 in the office connected to internet

I can RDP from laptop1 to laptop2
I can NOT RDP from laptop2 to laptop1 confirms Public IP address of GSM Modem is 213.x.x.x
Active WAN IP address of ES450 Manager shows 10.142.x.x

Which IP is the actual Public IP ?

I’ve tried RDP’ing to both IP’s but no luck.

I understand the Sim should have a static IP, is this my main problem?
I need a Static Sim from ISP and what else does sim need to allow ?


Hi Ray,
np :smiley: .
Yeah i was looking at that yesterday. I’m investigating that and will get back to you on that.


Hi Ray,
So what you’ll need to do is set up port forwarding and also set up DHCP reservation list on the ES450.
The port forwarding will point to the client pc and port used is TCP port 3389(RDP port).
The set up instructions is on page 143 of the ES450 guide for the port forwarding.
The DHCP reservation is on page 98. It would be better to give the client pc a static ip address, and add it to the list.

So, from the other computer you would RDP to the ip of the GSM modem example 213.x.x.x.
And then do the setup for the other GSM modem. You would always use the pubic ip address since its accessible from the internet.

Link: … ide-es450/

The other solution is to set up a vpn on both modems, then you can just use the ip’s of the client pc’s.

Hope that clarifies.