Error in AT+WIPCFG


I´m triyng to start the stack IP by AT+WIPCFG=1 but says ERROR, the same with =3. I asked to my provider a FASTRACK SUPRME 10 with TCP/IP like other one that they sent me and worked perfectly.

I suspect that they sent a unit without TCP/IP. How can I confirm it?



This is mentioned a number of times in the forum.

Use AT+CMEE=1 to enable numeric error codes and see WHY the command is failing.

AT+WCFM=5 is your friend.

See here to start with.

ciao, Dave

Ok, this is a very common error…

You must create a new Project and then you must choose the WIPSoft sample, and after that, you must download it to your modem and run the application.

Once you have done it then you can write AT+WIPCFG=1, etc, all those commands in order you could make those examples…


Thank you so much, I´ve sent AT+WOPEN=1 and it works.

Best regards