Enable CBRS (n48) testing with EM9191 and generic FW


I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to attach an EM9191 module to a private CBRS gNodeB (n48). I noticed today that, as of SWIX55C_03.09.03.00, n48 has been disabled. Is there any way to re-enable via AT commands? If not, can I find the SWIX55C_03.04.03.00 generic FW somewhere and downgrade? Finally, will n48 be re-enabled in the generic FW in the future?

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n48 is not included in FCC, so it is disabled currently.
It will be added in the future after the FCC test.

Thank you @jyijyi. Another question… is it possible to enable 10 MHz BW in n77/n78?

from PTS, it is not supported:

Thank you. Just wanted to verify that.

Do you have a timeline for FCC certification of 10 MHz and 20 MHz BW for n48? Even a very coarse estimate would be useful. Thanks.

no, i don’t have a timeline, probably you need to ask the distributor.