Embedded module WP/RC capabilities

I have been working with an RC7611 recently and I’m generally impressed with its simple integration with Linux host and AirVantage suite, but there are a few requirements for my application that I haven’t quite figured out yet. I’m not committed to the RC7611, so if there are other modules that might work better I am open to suggestions. Also please excuse my ignorance, as this is my first project dealing with cellular/LTE tech.

  1. Is there any configuration in which the Linux host can maintain internet connection while the module is itself maintaining connection with AirVantage? I’m currently using QMI for my data path to the linux host, but that can change if it would allow me to simultaneously use AirVantage on the module. I only have one data APN.

  2. Is there a way I can remotely trigger a GPIO state change? We would like to have a way to power cycle the entire unit in case the primary linux machine is not responding. I was thinking that this could be a simple Legato application that could be triggered from AirVantage, but the Legato build system doesn’t seem to have support for the RC76xx series. Can we build bundles for the RC76xx series?
    I see from this post that the Ring Indicator could possibly be used, but considering how many robo-calls I personally get every day, I wouldn’t want unauthorized callers resetting my systems. Even still, I’d like this “remote reset” to be accessible from AirVantage.

I really appreciate any help and discussion on these topics.

Q1: if you connect to AVMS server, you need to first disconnect the RMNET connection.

Q2: I saw there is IO command such as +WIOR or +WIOW to control GPIO.
BTW, you cannot use legato application on this RC module

Thanks for your reply.
So there is no module that would support simultaneous RMNET and AVMS? I can see how some IoT devices could operate by switching between AirVantage and RMNET, but for “always connected” devices that seems to defeat the purpose of AirVantage entirely…
If I had WP76xx for example, would I be able to do a Yocto build that would support virtual ethernet over usb, as well as on-module AirVantage?

I guess my GPIO question is dependent on the above, but I need to be able to set GPIO remotely, through AirVantage (not AT). Surely it’s possible to do that in a custom Legato app, right?

for RC76, if you need internet during AVMS, you can try PPP dial up before connecting to AVMS
For WP76, you can have both AVMS and RMNET together

For WP76, it already have USB ECM interface.
For WP76, of course you can build a legato app to control GPIO and download the app via AVMS

Thanks again!
It sounds like I need to use the WP76 instead.