AirVantage over WiFi

I am using a Talon WiFi module on a FX30 and this may be a silly question but is there any workaround to get AirVantage working over wifi instead of cellular?
The avcDaemon works well when the cm data is started, but if I connect to an AP without cellular connectivity, still having internet connectivity, the avcDaemon keeps updating the connection time without connecting to the AirVantage server.

Hi claudio.baldini,

I don’t think it’s possible. “cm data” is specific command for cellular.

Every time you create a system on AirVantage, sim info needs to be added to the system. PDP context also needs to be configured on the device for the connection to AirVantage.


@jerdung on the AirVantage when I setting up the new system I am only asked to configure the SN and the IMEI, all the rest I believe is setup automatically on the first connection. You are saying I need to delete the system and to recreate it in order to work?

How do I configure the PDP context in the device? Do you have any relevant post or example in github?

I was reading some documentation, and the le_data mentions the WiFi as possible technology, also AirVantage mention that the connection has to go through the data, in the legato docs is also reported that, in order to get AirVantage to work you need to have the following apps running:

This is how I was putting all the pieces together.

Hi claudio.baldini,

No need to recreate the system again

You can configure PDP by command “cm data pdp”. Refer to:

I have a suggestion but not sure if it works for you.

  1. You write an app to make your device as wifi client. These APIs below may help:
    le_wifiClient_ConfigurePsk : create an SSID with PSK
    le_wifiClient_AccessPointRef_t : create reference type for AccessPoint. This is used for loading ssid
    le_wifiClient_LoadSsid : Load the SSID as the connection to be established
  2. Run the app
  3. Try to connect to AVMS by AT command AT+WDSS=1,1
  4. If step 3 is successful, you could write an app for step 3 by using API le_avc_StartSession


the cm is an app for the Cellular Modem use and has nothing to do with the wifi interface as far as I know.
I have an app which is already starting the AP and the wifi is working, I can ping and transmit data, but the problem I still don`t get any connection to the airVantage (which is handled by another standard app avcService).
In order for the avcService to work, you need to have data connection for the legato apps, which is normally handled by the le_dcs (legacy was le_data) but I can’t find any channel with the wifi suitable for the communication.