Having problem connecting modem to AirVantage

I am moving my question from the FXT area here to the AirAvantage side as it seems more in line here.

The site gives the following instructions:

Instructions in AirVantage

  1. Provide the IMEI and Serial Number of your System
  2. Switch on your System
  3. In the modem check that communications with AirVantage M2M Cloud Platform are configured: “AT+WDSC=3,x” (x being the frequency of connection in minutes) then “AT+WDSS=1,1”
  4. At first connection the AirVantage M2M Cloud Platform will synchronize your new system

By adding the following command, I have a good connection with my provider, Orange.
AT+WDSS=0, “M2M/Internet”

With this result shown by the AT commands/

+WDSG: 0,3
+WDSG: 1,0

But my I registered remains forever in an unsynchronized/ready state. I suspected that I may have a URL problem, and do not find an AT command for modifying this (please let me know how this is done?)

So as I could not find how to change it in AT, I followed the provided AT AirAdvantage demo and created the small program with a long execution log, but the last part being shown below:

2013-07-19 12:51:00 SRVCON-INFO: Send http request to na.m2mop.net/device/com, body size = 34
[WIP] new TCPCLIENT 0x1819c678
[WIP] closing TCPCLIENT 0x1819c678

I check and still get:

+WDSG: 0,3
+WDSG: 1,0

but still no status change at AirVantage! I have a disconnect somewhere that I do not understand, I have even read out the serial number and IMEI number to verify the internal values match the ones we registered.

Any help will be appreciated.



Please check "https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/fxt009-with-airvantage/6436/1

It’s linked.