Accessing GPIO remotely


Hello all,

Using a Fasttrack Supreme, I have been able to read and write the GPIO21 port using the commands +WIOR and +WIOW dependant on the configuration of the +WIOM register. The modem is connected to my local PC.

For the next stage, I would like to be able to dial into the Fastrack modem (that is to be mounted in a remote location) and access the GPIO21 port, from my local PC. Is it possible to do this using AT commands?

The purpose of this is to use the GPIO21 line as a reset trigger for remote hardware (I am aware of the necessary electronics required). We have found in a current application our remote external hardware has locked up but we can still connect to the modem. As you can see, the ability to do this dial in reset is quite valuable!

Thanks in advance



I think Lua allows you to issue AT commands remotely? :question:

Otherwise, you would have to have an Open-AT application within the modem: your remote PC would communicate with the Open-AT application, and the application would control the GPIO…

Alternatively, could you use one of the modem control lines; eg RI (Ring Indicator)…? :question: