How do i get rid of Lua again?

I need to remove lua from my Q2686 module which runs on UART1.
How do i do this as i can’t access the modem with AT commands anymore?

Thank you in advance

it’s a regualar open AT application, which is started and stopped as any other regular Open AT application: AT+WOPEN=0. If you have only one UART and don’t have the time to type the command on the serial line, do it from the Lua shell with

at "AT+WOPEN=0"

Reboot, and the application won’t start at boot-time.

Note that by default, on devkits, the application won’t start if you keep the two keyboard button on the PCB’s edge pressed while rebooting. I don’t know whether there’s a similar emergency procedure for Fastracks.

Thanks, that did the trick. I did not know that i could send AT commands thorught the lua interface.

You can send them, the API is blocking (i.e. it returns only when the AT command execution is terminated, no asynchronous callback registration required), and thanks to collaborative multi-threading, you can still easily do other things while waiting for the response.

AT commands through Open AT Lua are really important: by wrapping them in very simple Lua programs, you can get rid of the CPU driving the modem in most cases.

  • In Open AT ADL, you’d have to write and debug a complete non-blocking C application, probably including a state machine encoding, many callbacks, complex synchro, memory management etc.
  • In modem mode, you’d have to deal with communication through a serial line, which severely limits API richness, and therefore your application’s complexity (try to write a multi-client TCP server over Wipsoft…).
  • With Open AT Lua + a couple of AT commands when needed, you really get power and simplicity, the best of both worlds.