EM7565 eUICC sku

The documentation for this module states that the eUICC module inclusion is sku dependant however I can find absolutely no information online that suggests which sku includes this feature. The e-tailers just copy and paste the product brief but do not specify the differences between sku’s

Can anyone shed some insight on this?

Hi v52318,

Where did you get the document? The retailer may not update the product info.

Please refer to this:



So originally it was discussed to have an eUICC on the EM7565 but ultimately the eco system is/was not there for it. What everyone wants is to just port profiles from any given operator onto an eUICC quickly and easily and remotely but the reality is that this just cannot happen in a secure way hence it was never enacted.

There might be some marketing material out there that might not have been updated, especially on 3rd party sites.