EM7565 bands B42, B43, B48, and B66 not working

We are trying to test all supported bands in our manufacturing site. To set up for the LTE channel tests, set up is done by executing AT!ENTERCND="A710" followed by AT!DAFTMACT . The response to the first command is OK , and the response for the second command is 290300 OK . The LTE channels are then tested with the commands AT!DARCONFIG=0,3,1,X,3 where X represents the channel for the specific band, and AT!DALTXCONTROL=0,1,10,1,0,1,12,19 . The response for both of these is OK .Starting at B42, the first command is AT!DALTXCONTROL=0,0 to disable transmit from B41 test. The response is OK . Then, AT!DARCONFIG=0,3,1,42590,3 is executed to set up on channel 42950 for B42. At this point the response is Bad Response and the next command AT!DALTXCONTROL is not executed. Following this any command for B43 and B48 and B66 have a response of Bad Response .

Hi @dacker ,
I tested your case on my EM7565 module and I didn’t observe the your issue

Please refer to two the document following the link below and recheck:

  1. AirPrime EM75xx and EM/MC74x1 AT Command Reference, section 5: Test Command on page 59
    AirPrime EM75xx and EM/MC74x1 AT Command Reference
  2. AirPrime EM7565 Product Technical Specification, section C: Testing on page 71
    AirPrime - EM7565 - Product Technical Specification

Do the issue still happens in this case?
If the issue still happens, Please let me know so I can help you further.