EM7455 Not Recognized in Win11 after restart during device config

I had a previously working EM7455 working in my Lenovo ThinkPad T470 for a few years running Windows 10 and now 11.

I accidently reset my laptop when the configuring mobile broadband popup was showing and on restart only the following is shown in Device Manager:


I tried running the latest generic firmware update and the following is shown:

Any ideas on how I can fix this? Many thanks.

I have uninstalled all the Sierra drivers and installed the generic drivers restarting after each uninstall & install and there has been no change. Only the Sierra Wireless Location Sensor driver are installed.

If you remove the EM7455 module from the PC, do you still see the location sensor in device manager?

You can also see here on how to install the driver:

Thanks for your reply. I powered down the laptop, powered back on and then the EM7455 reappeared:


I have successfully flashed to the latest generic firmware as well: