Em7455 insert sim issue

Hi Experts
I am using LenovoT460s with EM7455 sim card reader. I was using Telenor Sim, was working fine. Somehow my sim card got blocked and I had to replace but new Sim Card isn’t working for me and Cellular keep on showing INSERT SIM message. How do I fix this?

Hi salmanshaheen,

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Please share the output of the following commands:

Hi Donald, thanks for the msg, How do I run those commands? I am not a tech expert kindly tolerate my questions/stupidity

Hi @salmanshaheen

You can type AT commands via the Tera Term tool.


DONALD I don’t see Modem option in my device manager, am I missing proper driver or there is some hardware issue?

Hi salmanshaheen,

What are the available Ports (COM & LPT) in the device manager?
Please try it with a different SIM card. Does the issue occur if you use a different SIM card?

issue is same with all sims, but why modem is not being shown in device manager? can you confirm proper driver is installed?

Hi salmanshaheen ,

Please try to install Windows Driver for EM/MC Series Module.
You can get it here Windows Drivers for EM/MC Series Modules (Build 5087)