EM7455 Bandwidth Slow on WiFi not on LAN

Hello Everyone! Appreciate any insights and feedback.

We are having an issue with speeds being much slower when using WiFi vs wired LAN connection using OpenWRT Luci. We are looking at around a 50% difference most of the time, I’ve tried changing WiFi channels etc. so we have ruled this out. The interesting part is with everything the exact same wifi wise, if I connect a wired WAN to the router vs. using the Sierra and use the WiFi, I get it’s full potential, so it’s not a hardware / wifi settings issue, it only does it when using WiFi and surfing the internet via the EM7455.

Is there anyone else experiencing this issue? Driver problem, chipset issue? I found an article of someone stating similar issue here - http://www.ltehacks.com/viewtopic.php?t=100

Any help / guidance would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks much!

Maybe a power supply issue? Try a powered USB hub or a more powerful power supply to the router.

Thanks so much for the reply. I don’t believe it’s the power supply for wifi. I should note that when plugging a wired WAN connection into the router from a home internet connection, and using the same on-board Wifi I get the full speed of what the Wifi connection should be. It’s only when I am trying Sierra EM7455 <> router <> laptop via WiFi that I get the bandwidth slow down.

If I use Sierra EM7455 <> router <> Wired LAN via laptop … i get full speed as it should be.