DTR Signal

As i am not an electrical stuff, i dont know much about flow control and uart pins of wavecom. At this point, i have some difficulties about DTR signal.

I want to set DTR high but when we measure the DTR (pin 8 ) , it shows there is no voltage. That means DTR signal is disabled or low or anything but not high. I read the documantation and saw AT&D[n] commands where n is between 1-3. i tried three possibilities but those couldnt set the DTR high.

I suspected about my software running on my modem. It somewhere runs AT+IFC=0,0 to set flow control. I dont know much about this command but tried other possible values like AT+IFC=0,1 - 0,2 - 1,0 - 1,1 - 1,2. But no clue. The DTR signal is still low.

Also i measured again when the application is not running(WOPEN=0). But that didnt help.

Finally, i want to ask if there is a way to set DTR signal to high.


is anybody there?

DTR is an input to the module; the module reads it - it cannot set it!

oh god :blush:

Thank you very much.