New Functionality

  1. Can we have a Status function that gives the
    V24 DTR and RTS status.

  2. Autobauthing is working only in 8N1 bits but not in 7E1
    This is the LEAST that a modem should do !!!

As a workaround you can connect signals that you want to see the status of to the GPIO. Its not a good solution, it should be better to have those signals in the Flow control (V24) API.

I can only agree and hopefully the serial interface will be “fully” working in the future.


Yes, that is what I did with DTR and GPIO4, unfortunately it takes
too much time to open, make the modifications and close the wevecom modem. It can not be done when you sell thousands of modems.

If you sell thousands of modems it should be better business to design your own hardware from scratch and use the modules instead of the modems.


Exactly What I did but some peaple form Wavecom prefer to sell modems instead of modules.