Upgrade to Firmware 7.4a and UART2


I connect a device to the UART2 at 38400 baud:

Using the adl_atCmdCreate function, I do:

// Check if already open
AT+WMFM=0,2,2 [OK]
// Open it (if not)
AT+WMFM=0,1,2 [OK]
// Set baudrate
AT+IPR=38400 [OK]
// Set character framing (8 data 1 stop)
// Set flow control (DCE_by_DTE=none DTE_by_DCE=none)
AT+IFC=0,0 [OK]

And then switch to data mode ( adl_fcmSwitchV24State (myUartHandle, ADL_FCM_V24_STATE_DATA); ) to start communication.

All work fine !

But since I upgrade the firmware from R74 to R74a the device does NOT answer ! If I downgrade to R74 all re work fine.

NOTE: The connected device works ONLY if CTS signal is kept high all the time. But according to the doc “When <DTE_by_DCE> parameter is set to 0 (none), the CTS is kept high all the time”.

Is any reason that R7.4a does no more do that ?

Does anybody have an idea of a such behavior ?



I confirm that the R7.4a does NO more keept the CTS signal high with AT+IFC=0,0 !

Why ?


Is the right place for this post ?

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did you raise an issue with your distributor?
they can get wavecom to notice this.

this forum (except fot the M2M studio part) does nos seem to be monitored regularly. :exclamation:

Yes but no answer after two mails… I will phone to my distributor…

We encountered the same issue and already reported it. It is confirmed by wavecom and should be corrected in Oasis 2.33, the release after the upcomming one.


Do you known when Wavecom plans to release it ?

Or do you known if Wavecom can release a patch to correct this ?

The response mentioned that the release date is yet unknown. Wavecom proposed to use r73a for the time being. No mention of patches or workarounds.

Ok. Thanks !