at command Fastrack



when i connect the wavecom with hyperterminal (9600/8/N/1)

when i enter AT the modem respons with just O
if i use ATDT then the modem dials this number
if i use at+cpin?
modem answer

does anybody had simular problem with his wavecom?

2the question, to flash the at commands in the modem with tools/software/hardware do i need?


Ahmed benalia


You have numeric (terse) codes selected.

ATV1 to enable verbose codes


thanks, I will try this command tomorrow.

For the flashing issue, can somebody help me with that matter?

Best Regards, Ahmed


What do you mean by flashing the AT commands into the modem ?


I have 2 wavecom where there is no connectivity availeble thro hyperterminal (i am sure that the bautrate ect settings are correct)
Even when i tip AT nothing is displayed at hyperterminal.
I wrote somewhere that after flasing the AT software the modem respons again…

Ps the modem works, the led indicating displaying the modem is logged on the network.


That should only be necessary if you loaded a bad Open-AT application into the modem that has rendered it inoperable.

In your case, it sounds far more likely that you just have a problem with your PC and/or setups and/or cable(s)…

Have you spoken to your Distributor about this?


Nope no problem with PC, settings or cable…
I have 3 wavecom’s who working ok…
No i didn’t spoke with my distrubitor, i don’t no who that will be.


so where did you obtain these modems?


Thanks, Awfeil

After command ATV1 the modem react normal now.
But why was the modem on that oter mode? What is the different between the two?

For the wavecom to comminicate with campbell datalogger do i have to change some at settings on the modem?

Other thing did you already worked with industrial modems (they look very simular to wavecom) the only different is on this modem the serial com. is going thro DB 9 female connector instead of 15 pin (wavecom)?


because someone had set it that way

You have seen the difference yourself!
One uses “terse” responses consisting of just numeric codes;
One uses “verbose” responses consisting of words.

Clearly, the words are more appropriate to a human user, whereas numeric codes are more appropriate to automatic control.

You have to do whatever the documentation for that equipment tells you!

Yes, all modems (GSM or otherwise) are pretty similar as far as their RS232 interfaces are concerned.


Do we have on site informations about pin out cabling for the different modems?


It is in the User Guide.