DS support of Q2406B modems ?


I just found a small cache of Q2406B modems.

Are these supported by DS, or should I just drop them straight in the bin ?



I guess it is possible to use DS for q2406b. But it is far too hard to acheive. And NO support from SiWi for this case.


In what way(s)?

The only problem I had was with downloading: https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/m2m-q24/4197/17


Yo have to deal with firmware versions without any support information about q2406 compatibility. You have to setup your DS which AFAIR does not have setting for use with q2406. You have to check memory consumption of WIP and plug-ins which are not supposed to use with q2406.
You better use old-good EdSoft with Visual Studio…


EdSoft was gone long before the last firmware for Q24 - you can certainly get WIP for Q24

But SiWi certainly seem to have missed the point that M2M applications usually have long lifetimes - so this lack of support for old versions is really bad! :angry:


Q24 are officially supported by Developer Studio, as soon as you import the needed Open AT SDK in the Package Manager.
Except the download issue mentionned by awneil (which can be fixed - or at least workarounded - by using the latest Q24 bootloader version), we don’t have any Developer Studio issue logged on this topic.