DS 2.2.1: firmware requires 0x80 as Open AT app start


Developer Studio 2.2.1 Build Version
on WinXP-Pro + SP3

It’s just the ‘Signal Replica’ sample. I’ve just created the project - haven’t modified anything.

Didn’t have any problem with the previous project…

Trying to download to a WMP100 with FW 7.45.1 and OS 3.35.0:

The Project is correctly set for these:


The Build Settings are just from the New Project Wizard:

So why has it set the “wrong” start address :question:


Ah - I just found this:

“Running firmware requires 0x180 as Open AT application start address, but application to be downloaded was linked at 0x260000”

I didn’t find it before because I searched on “0x80:exclamation: :unamused:

So it seems that it’s not just FW 7.47 that’s affected…


But the issue is fixed by the provided patch, and obviously in the next version.