DS 2.0 & 1.2: Console doesn't work at 921600 baud.

The TMConsole doesn’t work at 921600 baud.

It’s fine at 115200, 230400, 460800. etc - but not at 921600.

Traces appear to work, but not AT commands in the TMConsole.

When the port is openened, I usually (at 460800 or less) see:

ie, the responses to all the commands that DS sends after opening the port.

When I open the port at 921600, all I see is:

and commands typed in the command box have no effect - the command appears in the TMConsole window, but there is no response; eg,

Sometimes, after a long delay, (some of) the responses to the initial DS command might appear…

The modems communicate fine with a terminal at 921600.

I’m using one of these FTDI dual USB-to-RS232 converters:

apple.clickandbuild.com/cnb/shop … egoryID=89

I get the same behaviour on both a Fastrack Supreme and a Fastrack Xtend:

Thanks for all the details.
We have indeed noticed such an issue with “recent” firmwares versions; it seems to be an embedded firmware issue. I get in touch with the concerned people to have progress updates on the topic.