DS 1.2: Download doesn't work at 460800 baud.

See also: https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/ds-2-0-1-2-console-doesnt-work-at-921600-baud/5185/1

With the same setup as in the above-mentioned thread, downloading doesn’t work at 460800 baud.

The download progress box appears, but never shows any progress.

As previously noted, the ‘Details’ option in the download progress box doesn’t actually give any further detail - so it’s impossible to see where this is actually failing.

However, I do note that that the target does not reset - so it’s either not getting, or not accepting, the download command.

The download does work at 230400.

Downloading with AT+WDWL and 1K-XMODEM works at both 460800 and 921600 with Hyperterminal.

AFAIR, the download facility in TMT didn’t work above 115200 - has this limitation been (partially) inherited?

Sounds to be probably a target presence check issue, with badly dimensioned timeouts for high speeds.
DS 2.1.0 will add an improved target presence check before any download, which should help fixing issue.
And we also plan to improve again the pre-download verifications in the following release.

(By the way, there is (as far as I know) no link between TMT and DS download limitations)