Downloading firmware from cwe file

I am developing an application for the SL8084T to be used in Japan on the Docomo network. Therefore I would like to use the Docomo-approved firmware version S4.1.0.7D which I can get from the Sierra site as 3 cwe files.

On Windows, how can I update the firmware from these cwe files? Is there a special tool that I need to use?



Its odd that it has not been posted in it one click format.

The way to do this is to take one of the one click updaters such as the telstra one (, open it with IZarc/pkzip, in here you will be able to see all of the tools and firmware used to download to a unit which you can use manually to download the files you want.



If you have lots of modules that need updating to the latest firmware and you don’t have a one-click installer then it can very time consuming using Developer Studio to do it manually.

This semi-automated approach using the SW BinUpdater utility works for me on the SL8082T:

(1) Download a Windows executable installer for your module. I use “R7.52.2.A5.201411281219.SL808x exe” for the SL8082T

(2) Disconnect your modem from the PC

(3) Double-click the Windows executable. It will say “Unable to detect modem”. Close the application

(4) Copy this folder to your desktop or other location: “C:\Users[i]username[/i]\AppData\Local\Temp\BinUpdater”

(5) Copy your downloaded boot and firmware CWE files into this folder

(6) Run the update utility from the command line as follows:

binupdater.exe -l BinUpdater.log -e -d -v -cd=1 -f %s %s %s"%(BOOT_CWE,OPENAT_CWE))

…where BOOT_CWE and OPENATCWE are the filenames of the CWE files you want to install.

By adding this command into a simple batch script you can easily update multiple modules.