DOTA is sucessful but system restarts twice



I am performing DOTA. it is successfully downloading. But the system restarts twice due to that i am not able to capture inittype ADL_INIT_DOWNLOAD_SUCCESS and it always gives ADL_INIT_POWER_ON due to twice restart.

I need to send DOWNLOAD_SUCCESS message to my server after performing success or failure of DOTA.

Anybody got like this problem and please suggest how to resolve it.



Please reply for any reason


Please explain more fully exactly what happens!

Does it actually install the new software?

How do you know that it restarts twice?

How quickly?

Have you spoken to your Distributor?


sure it installs new software and i can see new application running through serial monitor

Through Monitoring by serial monitor . Please see the list below

Finalising OK...<CR><LF>
 Size of File nwritten=185629<CR><LF>
Installing New Applcation <CR><LF>
 Inside A and D Handler <CR><LF>
+WIND: 3<CR><LF>
+WIND: 13<CR><LF>
+WIND: 3<CR><LF>
+WIND: 13<CR><LF>
Optical L&T-HT1.3-27.11.09-5:00PM<CR><LF>

Less than 4 seconds. Before SIMINIT

No yet.



I have seen the same problem when using DOTA on a Fastrack Supreme20(Q26). The application is installed successfully but on the restart the unit restarts more than once which means I am not able to detect if the download was successful, the second restart gives a ADL_INIT_POWER_ON. I have not been able to replicate the problem consistantly, it happens on odd occations.

It would be nice to resolve this problem to confirm a download.



Hi charlvz,
Have you found the solution?

Me not yet…


I might have, give it a test. Are you using the FCM function?

I use my UART1 port in data mode with a GPS connected. The GPS feeds data to the UART1 port every second. When the modem restarts after a download and the UART1 port is still in AT mode the GPS is sending incorrect AT commands to the port. I moved the commands to set the UART1 to data mode to the beginning of my main fuction as the first action on startup and I haven’t had the multiple reset problem yet today…

It might have nothing to do with the problem, I’ll try and replicate the problem and solve it when I have some time.


That does sound like a plausible explanation!

When the unit first restarts after installing a new app, it probably has some “housekeeping” to do - and all these (apparently) invalid AT commands could be confusing it and causing it to crash (ie, restart).

Please discuss this with your Distributor and/or Wavecom FAE to get an official position on this.

It sounds like yet another hole in the whole remote update facility! :angry:


As an aside, please be sure to give yourself some way to stop the application - as you will no longer be able to issue an AT+WOPEN=0 on that port…!


There is a function where if you send “+++” to the port that is in FCM mode it goes back to AT mode. It does not seem to work in M2M Studio’s Remote Shell but it works from Docklight and I believe it should work from HyperTerminal.

Thanks anyway Andy


why don’t you keep your gps-unit in reset until your application is started?


The real point is that Wavecom do not document - or even suggest - any reason why you should have to do this!


The GPS is not on the board, its off-the-shelf and is only connected through UART1, there would be a few workarounds to disable the GPS transmission and re-enable after startup but its messy…If it does give me problems in future I will do that.


Could you disable the UART until the application has started?

(although that would mean you couldn’t do +++ any more…)


it is documented that you should not give the module any input during reset though.


Could you maby reference where it is documented? I have never read that. If it is the case then maby I should switch off GPS transmission before I restart…





Yes i am using FCM function connected to uart2. Uart1 using for debug in real mode.


My suggestion is to make sure that your are not transmitting any data to the UART ports while the modem is resetting. If you cannot stop the transmission to UART2 while resetting I would suggest that you put UART2 in FCM Data mode as the first command when the modem starts up.


Sure i am not sending any data to uarts from external application.

I checked this by not connecting any device on Uart2. Uart1 is for only monitoring connected to Docklight for debug.

i am still facing the problem.

Is it necessary to give some time after entering into adl_main().

After entering into adl_main() i am performing following things immediately.

adl_atCmdCreate(“AT+CBST=0,0,1;+CREG=1;+ICF=3,4;+IFC=2,2;E0;S0=1;&D0;&C0;&S0;+CREG=0;&W\r”,ADL_AT_PORT_TYPE( ADL_AT_UART1, FALSE),(adl_atRspHandler_t) atCmdRspHandler, “*”, NULL);


could be the issue?