Disconnect/Reconnect module. After, Windows10 show "Insert SIM"

Hello. As the title, after disconnecting / reconnecting the EM7455 module on the motherboard of DELL E5470, Windows 10 shows “Insert SIM” … the sim was not recognized. Before this, the module work correctly…
but com I disconnected / reconnected the module (from a pc off, course), after starting windows 10 the module show “Insert SIM” when the sim is already inserted! Why is this happening? How can I solve?


Did you check at+cpin?

How can I do? What does that command mean?

It checks the sim card status

Ah ok, perfect…and how can i launch that command?

You can use tera term to open modem port

as soon as I can I’ll let you know

i just saw, but it doesn’t compare any COM port

but what does this have to do with the fact that the adapter was no longer recognized after disconnecting it?

The AT command can chech whether it can see the SIM card or not

I discovered a strange fact. If I install the module (and it works) and then physically disconnect it from the motherboard, at the next restart it no longer recognizes the sim. If I don’t disconnect the module from motherboard everything works. But the strangest thing is that if (while it does NOT recognize the sim) I try to suspend the pc and then detach / reconnect the module (from suspend, then “on”) everything starts working correctly. I’ve tried this a couple of times! Now everything works correctly but as I try to do what I said before, it happens again that the SIM is not read!


I can’t understand how all this is possible … in doing so maybe it undergoes a kind of “Hard reset”?