Using MC7355 DW5808 on a windows 10 computer not dell

I am trying to use a module MC7355 DW5808 on a windows 10 computer box, the device appears always off, and is not possible to turn it on, not even connects. What could I do to solve this issue?

what is the return of the followings?


i am sorry I have tried to enter those commands, but are not recognized, how do I enter those commands? is necessary an special software?, I am using windows 10 by the way

do you see modem port in the device manager?

Good morning:

I can’t see it on device manager, I tried to find it but it was not possible.


Have you installed the driver?
Have you tried in linux?

Good morning:

The driver was installed automatically by windows and was recognized by the operative system, it is not possible for me to install linux since the final destination of this pc is to run on windows.

See if this helps to reinstall the driver with configuration.ini

Check below

  1. Check Device Manager for driver issues.
  2. Ensure Airplane mode is off.
  3. Verify physical radio switch and BIOS settings.
  4. Confirm correct SIM card insertion and APN settings.
  5. Update to the latest drivers.
  6. Keep Windows updated.
  7. Use diagnostic tools from the module’s manufacturer.
  8. Test on another computer if possible.
  9. Contact manufacturer or computer support if issues persist.