Differences between M1306 and Supreme in WIPsoft


I have a problem with migrating from M1306 to Supreme. We are using M1306 today for an old application, and we have to migrate to Supreme.

I can get a TCP connction to a server up, but it seems i can’t get data to the server. It works fine with M1306, 657c09gg.Q2406B and WIPsoft v. 2.03 on Open AT v313.

My Supreme has versions. R73a00gg.FSU005 and WIPsoft v501 on Open AT v610.

Does anyone know of any importent differences ?


There’s one here: Multiple HTTP Requests - every other one fails

You need to check the Traces for both versions, and see where the difference(s) is/are occurring…

I found a importent difference !

I’m using +WMUX to mix data and AT commands in data mode. But that posibility is removed in newer versions of WIPsoft.

Is it really nessesary to switch back and forth between data and AT mode with ‘+++’ and ‘ATO’ ???

As I vague recall i implemented the +WMUX solution becouse I, at that time, had problems with switching back and forth, becouse of some bug in WIPsoft.


Sorry - I missed that you’re using WIPSoft rather than WIPLib. :blush: