Wismo M1306B wipsoft install


Hello everybody,
We have acquired some M1306B modules and would like to use them to send data to our server.
First af all, I know these are discontinnued models and there is no support and updates for them, but we’d like to use them if possible.
The module will be connected to a microcontroller, which will connect to several sensors, via RS-232. For testing we are using a PC COM port and hyperterminal.
The problem is they come with 652a09gg.Q2406A firmware and eDSoft-W302_V3.04, as we have found using AT commands.
We want to send data by http post requests, but if I understood the docs I read, the http stack is not implemented in edsoft, but in wipsoft.
So here is the question, can we download a version of wipsoft suitable for our module and use the WIP AT commands?
Which is the easier way to do what we want?

Thank you very much in advance.


Yes WIP was certainly available for the M1306, and could do HTTP.

Whether you will be able to obtain it now is another matter…


Can anyone help on this?
Should we find a wipsoft.dwl file anywhere or should we compile it from a Open AT SDK ?

Any help will be very wellcome