Dialup error 718 or 678


I have a wavecom modem with AT&T simcard in it and created a dialup connection in the XP computer.
I get connection errors 678 or 718 - “Remote server not responding” most of the time when I try to connect. Very rarely the connection was successful. The signal strength is always above 27 when I check using AT command. Any one help me to resolve this? And my AT&T account is in active state.


So you need to use the Windows XP diagnostic features!

In the modem properties, on the ‘Diagnostics’ tab, check ‘Append to log’ - this will keep a log of all commands sent to the modem, and all responses received from the modem.
There is also a button to view the log (note that it’s just a text file - once you know where it is, you can view it with any application you like)

Note that these are Windows error codes - not specific to SiWi or rhe Fastrack.


Are you sure that the remote server is actually working correctly?
Do you have any access to its logs, etc?

See: blog.antronics.co.uk/2010/10/15/ … indows-xp/

Will try to enable logging and see what error it shows.
Btw, the remote server could be the AT&T server and we don’t have the access.