Device ID, deriving the ESN or Phone Number

I am new to the Sierra Wireless Platform, we have used Cradlepoint and other GPS modem products in the past. My question I hope is a simple one.

With my GX440, I am sending GPS NEMA data to a remote IP address. The remote IP will be a production server we are using to capture GPS information from mulitple devices. Parsing this information is fairly simple, and we have mixed deployments of device types, where some are completely unattended by a laptop or user.

My issue is in sending a device ID along with GPS to the remote server. Below is the data I am receiving. The $DEVID string appears to be Hex, but I cannot figure out how to derive the ESN or PhoneNum that associates with this string. Can someone please provide some direction? My server side app is c# if it matters. I can set the GX device to use ESN or Phone, but it creates the value below to send with the data instead of the raw or plain text ESN or Phone. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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This question is would be best answered by your reseller. If you are unsure where the unit was purchased from we suggest going to our website and filling in the following form:
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I know this is an old post, but I have the same problem. Anyone able to help with how to get the phone or ESN from the Device ID?

Hi @tmyrick

When the device is configured to use the device ID with GPS reports. Type of Device ID report will be RAP report, device ID in RAP report is in hex, not plain text.
For the RAP protocol guide, you should be contact your Sierra Wireless Sales representative for information on how to obtain a copy of the RAP Protocol Guide, this is mentioned at page 217 in the " Software Configuration Guide for GX400 and GX440"