Convert device id hex to string

I am evaluating the LX60. After struggling to get it to stream to server 1 IP address, I realized they are using UDP and not TCP. So that is working now. I have the Device Id configuration set to Phone Number. It is coming across in the NMEA sentences and is supposed to be HEX. This is not any HEX I can identify so I am struggling how to convert his to the phone number.

The 9 bytes before the NMEA string start are:


Anybody have any C# examples of how this is done.

The AT *DEVICEID? command returned


But still cannot figure out what that is as it related to the phone number

From OP

255 = FF
235 = EB
114 = 72
41 = 29
0 = 00
213 = D5
1 = 01
0 = 00
0 = 00

So in the NMEA sentence starts with FF but then the next 8 bytes which represent the phone number are reversed from what the *DEVICEID? command returns. But still even doing that I cannot get it to match the phone number of the SIM card. Not sure why any of this is not documented in detail.