Upgraded LX60 from 4.10 to 4.16 IMEI device id is not sending properly in NMEA TCP Message

We have 8 LX60 devices configured to post RMC NMEA sentences to a server on a specific port. The location services are setup to send the IMEI for the Device ID in the location reports. We have a TCP listener that extracts the Device ID (IMEI) to identify which device it is. After the upgrade our TCP listener quit working. Upon investigation, the code that extracts the IMEI is getting the same value on each device. There is also additional bytes prior to the NMEA sentence start. Did the format of the location report change? Can someone point me to the documentation that defines the location report format?

I did notice that if I configure Local IP/Report under Local/Streaming and specify my local IP address provided by the modem when my laptop is connected to the modem via ethernet, our tcp listener code works as it always has. The IMEI is extracted from the first 8 bytes with no problem. But if I disable that under local/Streaming and set the same IP address as Server 1, the IMEI is messed up.

UPDATE: Local/Streaming to my IP gives correct results and the location report is 79 bytes.
Server configuration to my up gives incorrect results and the location report is 100 bytes

It appears that the new firmware is sending an entirely different location report format and I cannot find the documentation on what that is. I compared the bytes between the two and it does not appear to be just shifted.