Developer Studio Startup Crash

My Developer Studio Version 2.2.1 [Edit: Version is actually 2.3.0] was working fine, I then selected automatic console and trace logging in preferences. The Target Manager then crashed with a unit connected, and wouldn’t reconnect, so I shut down Developer Studio and restarted the PC. When I started up again, Developer Studio won’t start at all! I get the splash screen, then nothing, and there is no process shown in the task manager. Attached are the errors that occur when the program starts, as well as the full error log.

Do I have to re-install the whole program, or is there a simple fix?
.log (257 KB)
DeveloperStudioCrash.txt (95.1 KB)

I have managed to get Developer Studio running again, but I had to delete the entire .metadata folder, so I now have to re-import all my projects back into the workspace, and reset all configuration options :frowning:

Looks like something corrupted in the workspace, causing the underlying Eclipse framework to crash.
If it reproduces, please try to list the exact steps which cause the issue… We’ll also have a look on Eclipse community side, to check if it’s an already identified bug.

From what I remember, I had a unit connected to the Target Manager in one window, and code open in another window. I opened preferences, and enabled automatic logging for traces, console and status, and then enabled log file auto rolling with a size of 5MB. Clicked OK, then tried to view the traces coming from the connected unit. The target manager hung, so I closed just the target manager. Opened Target manager again, saw the COM port was connected, but couldn’t view any traces or anything. Shutdown Seveloper Studio, then when I tried to start it again, it wouldn’t open. Restarted PC, but still not starting.

Deleted .metadata folder, and Dev Studio opened, but all settings and workspace was lost.