Developer Studio 2.2.0 - " Program does not exist"error

After latest Developer studio update to version 2.2.0 the Run/Debug feature for Open AT Target stopped working.
The windows “Debug configuration” shows “Program does not exist” error.
PC reboot and Developer Studio re-install doesn’t help.
Could you help me to make Run/Debug feature functional?

For unknown reason Developer Studio expects C/C++ Application name as
instead of

if I rename “my_project_name.axf” into “my_project_name.[Ljava.lang.String;@124e0f2” Developer Studio stops showing “Program does not exist” error, but anyway Run/Debug feature fails during download to target.

Developer Studio Build Version
Used module - Air Prime Q26 with demo-board
Connection to target: Com1 port
Steps to reproduce: appears always on Run/Debug to Open AT Target

Helped rollback to Developer Studio 2.1.0 - Run/debug feature for Open AT target begin to work again

I experienced the same problem: what about if I couldn’t rollback at Developer Studio 2.1.0? Any ideas?

Under rollback I meant the following:

  • removing Developer Studio folder “c:\Program Files (x86)\Sierra Wireless”
  • searching for previous Developer Studio Full Install *.exe file (I used Embedded_Application_Framework_v2-36_Full_Installer.exe)
  • installing it and reject any program updates, but Open AT Embedded Software Suite Component/Packages can be updated.

What is the reason of being not able to rollback?

Issue reproduced here; we’re going to publish a patch ASAP.

Currently, it’s not possible to rollback to former version because we’re replacing the old version by the new one on the update server (the old one doesn’t exist anymore…). We’ll have a though on keeping both ones for a while on each new delivery.

Please find attached a patch to fix the bad application file name in Open AT Target Application launch configurations
To install the patch:

  • Go to Help > Install New Software
  • Drag’n drop the zip file in the dialog
  • Uncheck the Group items by category box
  • Select the Patch for EBS Target Binding item
  • Click Finish and follow the steps

From there, application axf file shall be detected correctly.

Please note we’ve pushed a new build of DS 2.2.0 integrating this patch on the update server.
There is no need to install the patch anymore.
All users who have install it shall upgrade to the new 2.2.0 build (05/09 instead of 05/04) and uninstall the patch.