Developer Studio plugin and update ports


Does anyone know which ports Developer Studio uses when browsing the packages and update site repositories? I am behind a proxy server, and even with the correct settings in the Developer Studio proxy preferences, I can’t access the packages and update sites. If anyone knows which ports are used when querying the repositories, then I can get them opened on the proxy.


DS basically uses only HTTP (port 80) to check for updates.
You should firstly check if your proxy settings are OK by trying to access an Internet hosted page in the Internal browser (Ctrl+3 > Internal Browser View).

Most of times, Eclipse can automatically detect your proxy settings from the system configuration, but if it doesn’t work, you’ll probably have to manually update your settings.
Don’t know if it can help, but we already has proxy troubles which were solved with one of the following tips:

Hope it will help.

I have set my proxy authenication to manual, and have filled in the correct proxy details.

When I use the internal web browser I can access webpages perfectly. If I use <login> it doesn’t work, only when I use just . Now, whenever DS starts up it asks me for my proxy username and password.

When I refresh the plug-ins repository at it just says “Browsing respository” and never gets any futhers. If I click cancel, DS hangs and i have to use task manager to close it.

When the proxy settings are set to native, I can also use the internal web brower to open web pages perfectly, but I get the same problem when browsing the respositories.

Any more ideas?

Anything in the error log which could help?
Otherwise, maybe you’ll have to dig deeper and draw protocol analyzing tools like Wireshark or Ethereal… :frowning:

Or another though, try to ask help on Eclipse forums & newgroups…
If you get an answer, just please post it here, to help anybody who’ll same kind of issue !

Nothing in the error log. It just says “Refreshing repository” and then nothing until I end the task.

Will try some protocol analysis and hopefully stumble on the answer. Thanks for your help.