Developer Studio 1.2.0 Wish List


There’s a “Developer Studio 1.2.0 Bug List” thread - but I couldn’t see a Wish List?

It’s possiby a bit late now, but here goes:

The ‘Details>>’ button on the Download progress dialogue doesn’t actually give any more detail at all!
I think the additional details should include:

  • Starting the download (AT+WDWL command & response);
  • On USB, waiting for the port to reappear;
  • Block progress, retry count, etc;
  • Resetting after the download completes (AT+CFUN command & response);
  • On USB, waiting for the port to reappear


May be I’m missing it, but it would be nice to be able to do a multiple file search on text that you type in, currently you have to highlight a word in the file to get this feature.


Menu: Search > File > File Search

What I don’t like about this is the way it seems to grey-out the ‘Enclosing projects’ scope option on a whim.

It also searches everything in the [Target] folders…


I’ve been using the Find in the Edit tab and also left clicking on words. Missed that tab entirely! :blush:


Logged for evolution, thanks.

Nothing specific to DS on this, that’s Eclipse default behavior.
Note that the dialog content is related to the current selection in the Project Explorer. Copy the text you want to search, then select the desired project in the Project Explorer, and hit Ctrl-H to open the search box. From there, you’ll be able to limit the search scope to the selected resource (project), or use other options…


Yes - I thought as much!


Trace Management:

TMT used to give “Tool Tips” describing some of the Trace elements;
It would be good to have those back, and to be able to define Tool Tips for the application’s custom trace levels.

Also, it would be useful to be able to save & recall trace setups.

Having each flow split across 2 rows is a pain - if the columns weren’t twice the width they need to be, it wouldn’t be necessary at all!


We already had this in mind; you just brought it up under the spotlights again :wink:

Logged also for enhancement in the future.


It would also be useful if the Trace file recorded what trace levels were enabled at the time - perhaps a “header” at the start of the file giving this information, plus the ATI9 information.

I guess it’d also need some way to record changes during the file…

Currently, if a certain Trace doesn’t appear in the log, you can’t tell if that means that the event never happened, or just that the trace was disabled!


Interesting point. Now we have to see how to integrate this information in the CSV format… :confused:
But we’ll have a look anyway.


Any update on this?

Particularly with USB - where the process is more involved, due to the restarts.



Did you come up with any ideas :question:


Added some details in 2.1.0, but not for USB yet (will be for the next one)
Please note that in the same time, a new USB driver is under development, allowing to not “forget” the COM port when the target resets.

Done in 2.1.0: logs now have additional lines indicating changes in enabled trace levels.


Decoding Backtraces that have been obtained outside DevStudio :question:


Sorry but this one won’t be integrated in 2.1.0; planned for the next one (today scheduled on Q4 2011).


But not just with USB; eg,