Developer Studio 3.1 - Released

Are there no errors here? I added this line to ini file, but it did not affect anything, all the timings were exactly the same.

The behavior is exactly the same for hardware COM port on an extension card and virtual COM port for USB connection. It seems to me there should be some other reason for this, not drivers.

Give a try with this one: = 60000

Probably, but it sounds unfortunaterly to be located at your system level, since it started to behave differently even with older versions of Developer Studio…

I do not understand this. Everything is working very good now, not a single problem. The only difference - I was away and connected to my computer remotely, and the connection was not a good one. Now I am working again right at my computer. Can this be the cause of the problem?

Strange indeed…


For Windows, I see only a Light Installer: … ework.aspx

Where is the full download :question:

That’s how I got to the above-mentioned page

DS 3.1 will be bundled in the next Open AT full installer to be released.
I’m looking for more precise information, to post it here ASAP.

FYI, next full installer that will bundle DS 3.1 is planned for October 2014.