Developer Studio 2.2.1 OAT plugin in AAF?

Is it possible to plug AAF into an existing Developer studio install targeting Airprime / OAT?

Many thanks in advance

No AAF is only compatible with ALEOS which does not run on OAT.

Thanks for the reply.

Developer studio for OAT is based on Eclipse as is Developer studio for AAF.

I was wondering if the base Developer studio is the same for AAF and OAT

If so - maybe the ALEOS AF Platform Package could be added to an existing Developer Studio 2.2.1 install using the Developer Studio 2.2.1 package manager perspective ?

Right, in theory you can. It all depends on others components used by your version of the Open AT Studio.

As the Developer Studio for ALEOS AF uses Eclipse 3.7, you need an Eclipse 3.7 running (you can check it in the “About” menu > “Installation details” > … > Eclipse Platform)

If it is Eclipse 3.7 based, then try the following: Help menu > Install New Software
type in “” in the “Work with” field. That’s our ALEOS AF Eclipse update site.


Many thanks Thibs

Currently SW developer studio for OAT ( is Eclipse 3.7 but:

Keeping the AAF and OAT installs in sync is going to be tricky for us in user land going forward

I carried out a quick check and it looks as if AAF has a few Apache dependencies (org.apache.httpcomponents.httpclient) that will need to be manually installed

Therefore it looks like the safest option is two separate Sierra Wireless developer studio installs - I seem to remember doing this with eclipse can break stuff - any hints on how to do this safely on a Windoz 7 x64 machine?

Currently both Developer Studios are distinct products developed by different teams. They each have their own life cycle and, as there is no project that can target both Open AT and ALEOS, they are meant to remain separated. Even if you can install one in the other, they are not developed and tested that way, so there is no guarantee it works.

However we want to better understand how the tooling is used and to improve our products. Do you mind describing why you want to merge the two studios ?



Hi Gaetan

At present I use SW Developer Studio (OAT) a lot (BTW OAT also supports LUA) but targeting AIRLINK FXT009 and Airprime HW

I am starting to develop using SW Developer Studio (AAF) lua targeting AIRLINK GX400

It’s better for me to use just one development PC

If I installed Eclipse multiple times on the same PC in the past this has broken the other Eclipse installs

For now - can you tell me if anyone has successfully installed both SW Developer Studios and actually used them to develop both OAT C / LUA and AAF LUA projects at the same time?

I would like someone at SW to try this before I trash my WIN 7 machine :smiley:



Hi Edwardofleek,

I don’t really know what’s mean for you to install an eclipse, but for me is only to extract an archive containing eclipse binary and files in a folder.
As you use for each eclipse a different install folder and a different workspace, it will be working.

Because both Developer Studio have nothing in common, it’s the same, use different install and workspace location. Don’t try to share a workspace between them, a project, source code, or to export/import things from one to the other. To avoid any risk trouble, be also sure use different physical port to plug OAT and AAF targets on your computer.

As you keep in mind that AAF and OAT are two different worlds, you can develop on both of them as i have do for a couple of week on Windows 7 too.


Hi Marc

Thanks - you are correct

The AAF developer studio install is just copying to a folder (a lot easier than OAT developer studio) - AFF didn’t break anything because it is self contained in the folder

By the way the 64 bit version looks a bit odd - is it supposed to be copied over the 32bit folder?




The windows 64bit version is working alone when extracted. As all the versions.
Maybe you had an error when downloading the archive. Otherwise can you please describe the content of your archive ?