Release and Publishing error.

Totally new to this.
Hope someone can help.
Anytime I attempt to Release and Publish I always get the same error.

The following type is already used by another company

I know it must be something simple, however to me it’s not.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I think you forgot to give a little bit of context in your message.
Are you trying to upload an AAF application to AirVantage platform?


That is correct.



OK, AirVantage has some rules about the application Release and Publish.
Each application comes with several description fields: like the Name, Version and Type, some of them need to be unique.
The DeveloperStudio fills up automatically Type and Name in the AirVantage package it generates, and it uses the AAF project name for those.

So try to rename your DeveloperStudio application/project to make it more unique.
E.g.: add your company/username etc in that name, and try again.


P.S.: If you want more details on the Release and Publish rules on AirVantage, please ask for clarification on the AirVantage forum (viewforum.php?f=135)

That worked,

Wow, all that time and it was that simple.

Thanks very much