Developer Studio 1.2.0 Bug List


If you find any bugs in Developer Studio 1.2.0, please list them here, with as much information as possible.

BUG: Error when cleaning project.
Severity: Low
Description: If you try and clean a project, but have already loaded the .axf file in the back traces view, the following error occurs because DS can’t delete the .axf file during the clean.

Workaround: Don’t load the .axf file in the backtraces view, or don’t clean your project. Or just ignore the error :slight_smile:


Bug: Download to WMP100 hangs.
Severity: Low
Description: If I try to download a project to the WMP100 using the Run As button, it hangs if the WMP100 previously reset via a watchdog reset.
Workaround: Press cancel on the download, wait for it to stop, then try again. It normally works the second time. Or, reset the WMP100 (using AT+CFUN=1) after a watchdog reset, then download.


Logged for fix


Logged for fix. Actually the download procedure is launched without pinging the target to check if it is still alive.
Can you elaborate on the state of the target after the watchdog reset? Does it answer to AT commands in the DS console?


The target is alive and running. Traces are coming through. First AT command was not answered, but subsequent ones were.

Console after watchdog reset:

+WIND: 13

+CREG: 0




The target downloads correctly after this, so it looks like only the first AT command after a watchdog reset is ignored, and subsequent commands are responded to. Firmware bug?


Last questions: which Firmware version are you using, and how do you connect to the target (USB, USB/Serial converter, Serial)?


Firmware: R7.44.0.201008311212
Connection: USB/Serial Converter (From a laptop)


The DS packages are not signed so DS doesn’t trust the packages it is installing to upgrade itself. They should either be signed or the installer should not check.

After the install completes, and check for updates I now get:
"No repository found at … 20drivers/.


BUG: “Copy all elements” in the backtrace view doesn’t work properly.
Severity: Low
Annoyance Factor: High
Suppose the backtraces view is showing this:

No memory available for memory allocation request (Except RTK ....153 11 20)
	Unknown function (62c68)
	Unknown function (33b8b)
	Unknown function (33c41)
No memory available for memory allocation request (Except RTK ....153 11 20)
	Unknown function (62c68)
	Unknown function (33b8b)
	Unknown function (33c41)

When I click “copy all elements” and paste into notepad.exe, I only get this:

Except RTK ....153 11 20
	Unknown function (62c68)
	Unknown function (33b8b)
	Unknown function (33c41)
Except RTK ....153 11 20
	Unknown function (62c68)
	Unknown function (33b8b)
	Unknown function (33c41)


I can confirm this bug.

In addition: why is there not a ‘save’ or ‘export’ option?

As an aside, where does the expanded description of the Exceptions come from?
Why is this information still not (fully) published anythere?


BUG: Developer Studio crashes if you click the “No Internet connection detected” notification while Dev Studio is still starting up.
Severity: Low
Description: For some reason, developer studio cannot detect my internet connection through my companies proxy server, no matter what settings I put in the network connections settings. The port that Dev Studio uses must be blocked on the proxy. Anyway, this means that whenever I start Dev Studio, the notification box pops up in the bottom right corner of the screen. The only way to get rid of this is to click it, let the cheat sheet open up (this is very annoying, I just want to get rid of the notification, not open the cheat sheets!), and then close the cheat sheets. However, if you click the notification before Dev studio has fully opened, it just crashes and you have to reopen Dev Studio. Error log attached. (1.48 KB)


Actually, if you just leave it, it will go away of its own accord in due course.

I find any program that insists on an internet connection when it starts very annoying.
I quite often have to use my laptop “in the field” where there is no internet access - so this is a pain.


Mine never goes away!!! Been there for about an hour already, still going strong :slight_smile:


Mine just seems like an hour! :unamused:

I guess this supports your theory that it’s something to do with your proxy:
In the case of no internet at all, it goes away;
In your case, it can see some kind of link, so never gives up…


This is not just when AT Commands are issued in quick succession; it happens with any sequence of commands - even when issued at a leisurely rate.

If the ATI traces are enabled, they show that the command actually delivered to the AT parser is corrupt - usually incomplete.

This is not new to DevStudio; it also happens in TMT - which suggests a bug somewhere in the underlying CMUX stuff, I guesss…?


This will be fixed in the next release.

Did you add this URL as a repository of any kind? Because it is clearly neither a package repository, nor an Eclipse software update site… Just remove it, and you won’t have the warning displayed anymore


Ok, logged for fix

Logged also

These expanded descriptions are provided in the Firmware packages metadata. I’ll get in touch with the concerned people to push them on the documentation side.


Ok, logged for fix too.
We’ll probably add an option to disable Internet link state check on startup, or even maybe simply remove it…