Developement Kit....wip problem


I am working with a Fastrack Supreme 10 , and I have a lot of applications working with wip library that work fine on Fastrack Supreme ,
but when i load the .dwl file on the Developement Kit Q26 , wip initializes correct , the wip_BearerOpen returns 0 ( OK ) but wip_BearerStart always returns
WIP_BEER_BAD_HDL ( -24 code) , and i tried to find to find a solution but i couldn’t .

Somebody , please help me !

Is there a posibility that the firmware from Fastrack Supreme to be so different from the one on the Developement Kit ?

Thank u ,


Are you sure you are using same firmware versions on both?


I solved it , the DK was set on the US Band :slight_smile:


So, wasn’t it obvious that the DK wasn’t GSM registering at all - which is a prerequesite for doing anything at all (including WIP) over the radio link?


ok…thanks for ur “obvious” statement :wink:))