Dev studio in a VMWare environment

Hi All,
I have been asked to create a web service to send SMS and MMS messages. The web service will be run in a virtual server in a VMWare server environment.
Since there are no COM or USB ports available to the server a USB to Ethernet Network Server Adaptor will be required to make the connection to the modem.
The web service will open a TCP connection via the adapter to the USP port on the modem. I think that this could work.
What I would like to know is could Developer Studio be installed on the virtual server and communicate via the adapter with the modem during the developmental phase of the project?


Can you please provide some information about virtual server.What does exactly mean by that.

Also,if you are talking about to install Dev studio in vmware environment,then yes it is possible to do so.

If it is a lInux based plafrom on vmware,then you van install dev studio on that and use it.


The VM server farm hosts 220 plus Windows OS servers.
The virtual boxes are not tied to any particular hardware unit and can migrate to other units depending on operating requirements automatically.
So there can be no reliable USB or Serial connection to a virtual box as the virtual box is not tied to any hardware unit within the VM server farm.
In the event of a failover situation the virtual box would be relocated to another server installation in another city 100km away.
The only reliable method for the OS to communicate with a device is via TCP.

Yes I know it is possible to install DS but is it possible to communicate with modem from within DS via TCP (not serial or USB) to an Ethernet Network Server to USB Adaptor connected to the modem?

I think that could be a generally very useful feature indeed - VM or no :exclamation:

I know of other tools that provide a debug interface via TCP - which opens up great possibilities for remote debugging…

DS doesn’t provide this feature out of the box.
Anyway, a solution to a similar use case was to use an RS232 device server (e.g.

You mean this: Is there a simple telnet server code for the FXT009/FXT02? - #6 by awneil :question:

Do you mean the DS can communicate with modem via TCP with some effort.
What would be required?

See the linked thread: Is there a simple telnet server code for the FXT009/FXT02? - #6 by awneil

Use a TCP-to-RS232 converter so that, to both the modem and DS, the TCP part is invisible…

Exactly, both DS and the device are believing to communicate with a standard RS232 port.
In any case you’ll need extra hardware to setup a kind of gateway between the LAN and the device you want to address from DS. This kind of RS232/TCP converter seems to be the cheapest and most reliable one.