I am following the instruction as per document “Developing an Embedded Application using the AirVantage Smart Automation Configurator.pdf”.

I got to the part “To create a machine model using the AirVantage™ Operating Portal Configurator” on page 10. My problem is that the “New” button is not enabled to be able to add a new Machine Model.

It also states in the document p6 that I need to download SAEngine_v4.0.1.r1536.dwl to load onto my FXT device, but I can not find the link on the website.



The link to download the .dwl file



Hi Philip,

Do you intend to develop a full application for a specific usage, or are you testing Smart Automation for general purpose ?
If specific usage, please feel free to contact me in private so that we can discuss your needs.
I know most of the time customers end up developing and not use Smart Automation as it has its own limitations.
We will then be able to address your issue with the ‘New’ button as well.


  • Gillo -


It is true that Smart Automation is more used as a demonstration or quick mockup purpose.