Airvantage Application Model Release issue

I am new to airvantage and exploring the various features available in airvantage.

My Initial POC is to create a application Model and release it to Airvantage, followed by writing an MQTT scala app to post the data from device/my mac to airvantage.

I am facing an issue in uploading/releasing the application model using develop => my apps => release new application, and have followed the steps provided in the below link … ion_howto/

Application Model:::

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>


I have saved the above xml as and zipped when i release the application am getting “several .app files exist and expected only one”, though i have one one . please advise what could be the cause for this issue.

Anything to do with permission of my account?


Hi ,

Might be the .zip file which you are uploading is not a valid one.

If you can share the .zip file with us , we can also test it from our end.

Thanks & Regards,