Default filter settings in dmcapture

I have been looking into dmcapture and the associated filters. As I understand it, a specific filter is uploaded to the firmware and only those messages are then published on the diag port. two questions:

  1. Is there a default filter enabled at factory? (I believe I am seeing messages on the diag port without ever having set a filter in dmcapture)
  2. If I upload a filter with dmcapture-- does that overwrite the previous filter? Are all settings reverted to default when the modem is reset?


To answer the questions, no the unit does not automatically output a default set of logging from the factory, it will effectively output very little. If you upload a new filter then it will overwrite what may or may not be in there, as to what would happen when there is a reset I am not sure but it is definitely sensible to push a filter to it.