Missing filter files for dm-logger


I want to capture DM logs from an EM9191 module using the dm-logger tool and analyze them with QXDM/QCAT, but the filter configuration files described in the README file for the dm-logger tool are missing from the MBPL_Tools_R27_ENG4.bin.tar archive. Where can I find the appropriate files?

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Hi Dustin,
I also see in the MBPL_Tools_R27_ENG4 there is no filter file
Can you try using filter file in the MBPL_Tools_R26_ENG4 instead ?
filters.zip (8.4 KB)

Thank you Jerdung! I noticed that this does not include the default_qxdm_plus_5G_v3.cfg. Can you share that specific filter?

Also, I can capture logs with, e.g., the default_pls_rf.cfg, but the logger is failing to download the corresponding QShrink DB file:


Error: QShrink resp buffer too small
Finished retrieving QShrink DB

Failed to retrieve QShrink database
Sending initial requests from config file…
81 initialize requests sent

Hit any key to stop…

Any idea how to fix this?

Hi @dmaas

For debugging issues, we do not need the qshrink file from the modem. Below are the steps to collect DM log
AT!ENTERCND=“password” (use your password)
./bin/dm-logger -p /dev/ttyUSB0 -c filter.cfg -o dmlog.qmdl

Thank you for your help @ajoseph. But isn’t the qshrink file necessary to fully parse logs from the modem in QCAT/QXDM? The DM logging utilities we have from other module vendors provide the hash files as well as the log files.

For context, we operate a large-scale wireless testbed, and having a low-level view of what is happening on the UE side is very helpful for testing the modules against, e.g., open source LTE/5G RAN and core network software stacks, and vice versa.

Hi @dmaas , if you want the qshrink, please open a support case with us with the FW version that you want the qshrink for and we can provide it to you. Use the tool only to collect DM logs.

Thank you @ajoseph. I’ve registered on the customer community portal and created a support case.


So I have looked through the system, the cases exists but without boring you about internal processes it is difficult to get it assigned/answered. The better advice is to go back through the commercial channel/distributor that you have bought your unit through. We have a generic policy of customers going this way as we cannot support all customers who buy our products directly which is where our distributors come in, especially for things like this.