Capture RRC and NAS logs

How do I capture the RRC and NAS logs on EM7455 under Linux?

Do you mean you want to capture qualcomm qxdm log?


I have tried “ -l -d /dev/ttyUSB0 -f /dm/filters/v11026_Generic_GSM_WCDMA_LTE_IP-no-data-packets.sqf -o capture” but the tool does not recognize the output file.

do you mean the file size of the output file is zero bytes?

File contains the data but it cannot be viewed on QXDM tool. So I am not sure if I am using this capture tool properly.

This can only view by sierra internallly.
If you have the QXDM tool, why don’t you use it directly?

QXDM tool cannot capture the logs from this device directly (DM port required), so we are capturing with the script.

Here says you can use remserial to route out the QXDM data to a TCP port and use QXDM to capture in PC.

Will it be sending data in isf format (recognised by QXDM tool)?

i think so as remserial just simply forward the data from DM port to TCP port

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The other way to do it is to use dmcapture, take the log file that is saved (which should be quite big), rename it xxxx.qmdl and it should then be able to be opened by QCAT which you should have access to if you have QXDM.



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