Data "pass-through" to physical COM port on the PC


awneil in post

Mentions the facility to “pass-through” the data to another physical COM port on the PC (as TMT/TE did);

Is it correct that 1.2.0 does not support “pass-through”?
If 1.2.0 does not support “pass-through” where do we download a suitable version of TMT?
Will this TMT version work co-operatively with 1.2.0? (as previous releases of DS did)



Yes, I think that is the case.

It was included in the SDKs before M2MStudio, but the easiest way is to ask your Distributor.


One of the major changes in the Target Management “refactoring” was to remove Selima - which TMT Relies upon.

You should still, I think, be able to use TMT with an application built by DS 1.2.0 - but TMT cannot share a comms link with DS 1.2.0.


Is anyone from Sierra able to confirm awneil’s comments(daav)?


Yes, awneil is right on all points.
Evolutions are planned for future release (see here: [url]])