Can traces be sent out on UART2?


In my application, UART1 is used to connect another board. so it’s occupied by the embedded OpenAT application(no uart2 to save the IO board cost).
however we can afford the IO/USB board during development. That is that UART2 is also availabe during application debugging.
my quenstion is that there is a way I can dump the trace to UART2.

for example it’s easy to dump the winip debug information to UART2 by
r = wip_netInitOpts(

I know that I can use FCM to open uart2 and send any data that I like to display to uart2.
just wondering is there an easy way to do it so that I have UART1 as an data port, UART2 as an debug port, or even better, can input AT command through uart2 which is connected to an pc terminal.



The TMT will establish its comms link over whichever port it happens to be connected to - UART1, UART2, or even USB.

There is no configuration needed on the module. :smiley:

(the trouble with using USB is that it gets confused whenever the module reboots - because it has to restart the USB stack)


But remember that UART2 is disabled by default: you have to use AT+WMFM to enable it before you can use it for anything at all - including traces.


awneil, Thanks for your kind and prompt help.
It solved my problem.
Merry Christmas!