Daft question about multiplexing of debug and serial data


Hi Guys,

I know this is a daft question, but I can’t find the answer in the documentation…

Using Design Studio, it is possible to carry commands (AT etc) and well as debug (trace) over a single UART. Clearly a mux is used in the process somewhere. When the UART is initialised, presumably there is an option to enable this mux option and also set data rate.

Can someone point me at a description of this whole serial set-up. I need to implement MODBUS using the UART and require a good understanding of what is going on here.




No, this never was documented, AFAIK.

Even when the Tools Manual existed and showed you how to use this feature, there was no documentation of the details of how it all worked internally.

With its predecessor - the old TMT and TE - it was also possible to pass data through the tools to another COM port on the PC.

It is all set by the configuration options that you set for the connection in Design Studio.

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I believe they use escape characters - around number 223 or thereabouts. I only know this since I used codes around there for delimiting unsolicited notifications and found the shell got a bit upset.


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